Marley Da Truth & Fresh Game Gulley – Tha Chedda Chase | @Tick707

In this video, we take things to the next level with a fresh new sound that blends classic rap styles with modern production techniques. Our lyrics are raw, real, and unapologetic, with themes that touch on everything from personal struggles to social issues that affect us all. We’ve also pulled out all the stops in terms of visuals, with stunning cinematography that brings our music to life in a bold and dynamic way. 


Fresh Game Gulley, RunWild James, Shill Macc – “Talk That Talk” | @fresh_game_gulley

Fresh Game Gulley teams up with RunWild James and Shill Macc on his latest visual Talk That Talk make sure to check that out above and leave some feedback in the comment sections. Fresh Game Gulley stays dropping new music and will continue to drop new music all of 2022 make sure to check him out on all social media listed below and also on all streaming sites. Dont sleep on a dope up and coming artist.


Recently the rapper, The Game, has been in the headlines for allegedly scamming unsigned artists, however, if we dive into the facts, we can see these allegations are completely false and more fake news for attention grabbing, click bait headlines for blogs that will post anything for a dollar amount without fact checking. The Game has opened up his social media platform to offer unique promotional opportunities utilizing his social media platform which has over 11 Million followers and provides services such as intros, outros, audio/video drops, shoutouts and promotion on his instagram and twitter, and a mixtape. To be able to have The Game perform an audio drop that the consumer can add to their song only enhances their track. Having the game provide video content that a consumer can implement into a music video or utilize to promote oneself is priceless. To be able to get into The Game’s social media feed can’t be done anywhere else, which provides extreme value, especially given his engagements and following. The mixtape is being called a scam but there’s no scam. The consumers are getting placement on his mixtape, and it gets promoted on Soundcloud, Datpiff and Top Mixtapes. The mixtape also gets promoted on The Game’s IG page, which again has 11 Million Followers. Additionally, those that paid to be on the mixtape also received additional separate promotion in the form of IG Stories and Tweets on the Game’s platforms. The engagements and eyes on The Game’s social media platforms are bigger than most other platforms that charge for promotion. Everyone receives what they pay for, there is no scam. The exposure to these opportunities has a cost, as this is a business, and The Game makes this very clear. Source HipHopOverload

The Underdog Hosted By The Game | @Johnsonbroz1

The Collective $ociety Dropped their latest project on all major streaming sites Underdogs Of The Underdogs. Make sure you check the project by clicking the link below and leave some feedback in the comment sections. The Collective $ociety got The Game to host one of their tracks that you can find above and also on their project. Dont sleep on a dope up and coming movement and give them a follow on social media also listed below.


The first 2 VOLS of  WHO GOT GAME PRESENTED BY THE GAME are here make sure to check out the links below and leave some feedback in the comment section who has the hottest tracks on the mixtapes, we want to know your opinions. Make sure to follow the team who made this all possible below.
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Fresh Game Gulley & Runwild James | @Tick707

Fresh Game Gulley and Runwild James drops their latest visual on Worldstar make sure to click the video above to check it out and leave some feedback in the comment sections below. Fresh Game Gulley will be dropping all new music all of 2020 so keep up with him on his social media listed below.



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