[New Music] HITEMUP – OK

OK reflects Hitemup getting back to his trap sound of his home town of Memphis. Sometimes his music is so versatile fans thinks his roots are from other cities. Every line in OK screams Memphis with a hint of Hitemup style. As you listen to the song you can here the talk see the walk and feel the style of Memphis.


Twitter @Hitemup_901

Instagram @hitemupofficial

Facebook link https://www.facebook.com/HITEMUP901

Video Link https://youtu.be/XUN_SFSga6o

Single Link https://songwhip.com/hitemup2/ok


“Jav”, the self-titled album by Chicago native, Jav NOCAP

Jav”, the self-titled album by Chicago native, Jav NOCAP, is a project of 20 tracks highlighting the day to day reality of the rising hip-hop/rap artist. He brilliantly weaves together a cohesive work of art that is almost an hour long, and captures life as a growing artist and creative, who is hungry for progress and success. Accompanied by fellow music-makers such as, Dizzy Vibes, Baby Mike, and Litjxy, JAV NOCAP released his latest project earlier this year, with plenty of music and stories for his listeners to digest. “Jav” is a must-hear album !

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New Music by Kiid Jay – “Murder”

Kiid Jay released a record entitled “Murder” that is sure to make all of your playlists come alive with mischievous energy for just about any occasion. He delivers memorable lyrics with a unique cadence that is sure to make you stop and pay attention, along with a side of polished production. Carefully crafted drums and percussion elements carry a soulful piano sample that drives the song one a one-lane road to success. This track is definitely one to check out!

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7Churches – “Losin’ My Mind”

7Churches is a collaborative project featuring well known and unknown emcees, vocalists, and producers, all of whom bring straight fire to the tracks.


“I AM LEGEND” Hai Tarik Produced by 4th Disciple

I AM LEGEND” is the new single release by Hai Tarik. The Jersey City artist continues to deliver visionary art when it comes to creating an unorthodox formula of sound highlighted by production from Wu Tang producer 4th Disciple.

While most artists and bands seem to get stuck in the usual creative boxes, Hai Tarik has worked to distance himself from the usual cliches, and as a result, his sound is rather unique. “I AM LEGEND” is a fantastic example of his talent, and it feels like a great introduction to a unique rhythm.

“At the end of the day, music is really all about connection” says Hai Tarik It’s so much easier to find that genuine connection if there is something authentic at play, and “I AM LEGEND” feels like a very personal insight into the artist’s creative scope and personal touch. The hypnotic feel of the melody is very compelling,



Rapper Escovar released 3 classic projects this summer and has one on the way!

In just a few months over the summer Bronx Rapper Escovar has dropped two albums and a mixtape and the music is legendary! LeVar Dale known in music as Escovar to date, in just a short time, has over 50 releases independently streaming across all platforms. “The Bronx is back“ says Jadakiss who cosigned Escovar via Instagram earlier this year which ended up being a feature on Escovar’s highest streaming single to date “High Frequency.“ The cosigns don’t stop there! He also has a song called “Bars“ hosted by Busta Rhymes. I asked Escovar is he open to features, and why he hasn’t had many yet? and he replied “Yes, I’m just waiting for the right people to reach out“. Not needed, Escovar controls the wave on his projects carrying you from start to finish without any skips. The production is hypnotizing, the rumble in his voice, and the shocking things that come out his mouth keeps you tuned in until the end leaving you excited for more. I found a playlist on Spotify of Escovar’s that updates all of his music. I left the link below for you to check it out. Something tells me Escovar is here and isn’t going anywhere…


NickyP – ProBioTics | @nickyp_111


NickyP drops his latest project ProBioTics on all major streaming platforms. Click the image above to listen to it on your favorite streaming platform or click the link below. NickyP put together 9 tracks on this project to show his true talent and many different styles. If you like what you hear make sure to give him a follow on Instagram listed below and let him know which track was your favorite on this poroject. 

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/nickyp_111/

Linktree https://linktr.ee/nichollp3

Sneaky Link – The Art of Ratchet (TAOR) featuring Khody Blake – L.O.U.D. MUZIK Volume 1

Sneaky Link – The Art of Ratchet (TAOR) featuring Khody Blake – L.O.U.D. MUZIK Volume 1

From the upcoming Volume #1 project by the popular Houston based independent media & management group L.O.U.D. MUZIK, Founder & CEO Derrick McKinney brings together the first official single release from their debut label compilation album entitled “Sneaky Link”.

Produced by the label’s first artist & in-house producer T!M Ned, it’s performed by T!M alongside his Art of Ratchet group mate (Mr. RackDaddy) Fat Pimp and label artist (The Phenom) Khody Blake.

Sneaky Link is an explicit depiction of keeping sexual relations of two individals a secret from everyone else. With rap verses performed by all 3 artists, including the mesmerizing chorus hook performed by Khody Blake, the highly anticipated debut single is set for a November 11th, 2021 world-wide release.

Artist: The Art Of Ratchet (T!M NED x Fat Pimp) & Khody Blake

Label: L.O.U.D. Muzik


Sneaky Link https://open.spotify.com/album/3OlyLQYHjx9Sv5fdpFGGkz