StaJe – Keisha Produced by Tailor Made Productions

Rumor has it that labels are all lining up for the sensational singer-rapper StaJe! With a writer’s background, the artist has embedded his name in the industry as a ghostwriter. Many of our favorite artists have used his expertise to maximize their musical reach with impactful storytelling and crafty punchlines. Now that StaJe has timed his presence in the game as a genuine bonafide artist, his fans couldn’t be more excited. After StaJe released his groundbreaking chart topping single “Keisha” many said that he was the next crossover star. It’s rare to have his combination of skills and dedication as a singer or rapper and not get noticed. Sources tell us that A&Rs from major record labels have reached out to the rising star to get him on board with their label. StaJe has committed himself to stay independent until the time is right. With today’s music mostly being lucrative from streaming plays he has grown a favorable amount of fans in a short amount of time. His most recent release “Redlight, features Elle Loraine, lead actress in the show “Insecure” as well as “boomerang”.  Goddi, Watts native rapper, struck almost 100k streams on its release date. His highly anticipated single “Jimmy Choos” was released May 22nd. It’s hard to imagine that an artist so skilled with a broad range of diversity would still maintain being an independent artist. Will it be Sony? Will it be Interscope? Atlantic Records? Or Universal? Whichever label he ends up on will have an extremely talented artist. We can’t wait to see what happens. Until then we will be waiting for his next release. Stream, download, and request “Keisha” on your local radio station. Be on the lookout for breakout star StaJe. You can follow him on his InstagramSpotify, and iTunes.

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