[Video] Introducing Future, Vain and St. Laz #ByeHoChallenge Dance Competition | @ITSVAIN

Future, VAIN and St. Laz (Drip Boyz) are out with a Hott new track called “ByeHo” and a #ByeHoChallenge Dance Competition that has caught fire!! DJ’s across the U.S. and around the World are Cutting, Scratching and Bringing the Track Back Again and Again!! Dancers from around the World are Challenging one another on Social Media to a #ByeHoChallenge Dance Competition!!

Don’t miss the #ByeHoChallenge Remix Video below which features Hip Hop at its very best! Some of the Best Hip Hop Dancers from the USA’s East Coast to the West Coast, along with dancers from countries around the World such as Nigeria, England and Germany are featured in the Video!!!

Ride Out with OG DJ WildmanTeddyT of StrongArm Radio as he opens up the #ByeHoChallenge Dance Video with his Signature Wildman Scream giving praise to the “ByeHo” Track!!

DJ Fatfingaz has gotten into the “ByeHo” Craze and you can see him Cutting it up on the wheels of steel. Comedian Ken Starz and his Comedic Crew along with Comedian Billionaireth are cutting up too in the way only they can do!!

If you’ve got the Juice or the Moves or you know someone that does you can enter the Dance Competition yourself or enter a friend by uploading a Dance Video to #ByehoChallenge and #ByeHo on Instagram and DM @itsVain. Upload your video on Tik Tok as well!! The Best Dancers will be featured on Top Hip Hop Sites!

“ByeHo” will surely play out to be one of VAIN’s and St. Laz’s most Infamous Collaborations yet, as they feature the prolific wordplay of FUTURE!!!

“ByeHo,” by FUTURE ft VAIN and ST. LAZ is that Banga all the DJ’s from around the Globe are Spinning and Adding to their Tracklists on Radio, in Clubs, Mixtapes and Mixshows!!

“ByeHo,” is Available Now on SPOTIFY, APPLE ITUNES MUSIC and All Music Platforms!!!
Don’t miss this Exclusive #ByeHoChallenge Dance Competition Video!! I have no doubt it will bring a smile to your face!!!

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[Single] BKR – Back To Basics

Chicano Hip Hop Artist BKR Makes An Impact With “Back To Basics” Single

Hip Hop is life, power, and expression. Hip Hop transcends race, class and cultures. It has been the voice for those who have been marginalized and oppressed. Hip Hop Renegade BKR is a breath of fresh air in an era where “Copy Cat” rappers rule. BKR delivers vivid rhymes and smooth flows. His skillful wordplay and witty metaphors paint precise pictures. And his cadence and penmanship are top-notch.

BKR is pronounced “Baker.” He possesses the ingredients and the uncanny ability to bake up hits. Moreover, BKR’s stage presence is filled with tremendous energy, excitement and stamina. He is a true master of ceremony. The Fresno, California rapper is living proof that when you follow your heart’s direction it leads you to your passion. BKR has honed a refreshing style that is explosive. His music encompasses party driven, heartfelt themes that appeal to an international demographic. With a passionate flow and unmatched cadence, BKR storms the music scene with unique vision.

True talent can’t be purchased or manufactured because it comes from above. BKR elegantly unites the retro vibe of classic Hip Hop with the innovative sounds of today’s rap music. Music artists are in the unique position to influence others with their mere words alone. Now that’s power! BKR has chosen to use his words to build rather than to destroy. Standing out in an ever changing music industry is no easy task. But BKR has developed a recipe for success.

BKR is Chicano to the core and he takes pride in his heritage. His unique selling proposition involves his ability to morph his style into nearly any instrumental handed to him. “I place a heavy emphasis on lyricism and songwriting, with the focus on being an exciting and ear-catching entertainer” raves the wordsmith. BKR’s current single is called “Back to Basics” off of his first LP titled “I Need The Music.” The song is a certified banger and it’s receiving rave reviews from DJ’s across the nation. BKR has the underdogs on his side. Follow him on IG @BKR_Raps.

[Music] Brando Bambino ft Burn&Loot – Bambino (plus Exclusive interview!) | @brandobambino

Stream on AudioMack https://audiomack.com/song/sp-da-og-1/bambino

What are your social media sites?

Brando Bambino Twitter: @brandobambino | Instagram: @brandobambino

Tell me a little bit about where you’re from?

I grew up in Virginia Beach, VA but moved to New Orleans when I was in high school. New Orleans is a city with a lot of history and culture. The city is known for it’s food and it’s music and both for good reason. They’re always looking for a reason to party.

 What is the local music scene there like?

The music scene in New Orleans is diverse. When most people think about New Orleans music they think of Jazz, Bounce, No Limit and Cash Money. However, over the last few years there’s been a resurgence of lyric-driven Hip Hop with more sample-based “boom bap” style beats. There’s a lot of talented, creative artists in NOLA and it’s very competitive.

 How did you get started making music?

I got started making music because my older brother started rapping and making beats with his friends. My brother and I are pretty close so I basically picked up on whatever he was doing. I started rapping and making beats when I was in middle school. We started recording songs onto cassette tapes using a karaoke machine and quickly progressed to ProTools. I’m 32 now so I’ve been rapping for just about 20 years at this point. I’ve continued making music because it’s somewhat therapeutic. I like the challenge of making something better than my previous songs. At this point I rap to see if I can impress myself.

 Tell me about the single or video we are going to be working on? 

The single/video we are working on is called Bambino. It’s the title track off of my upcoming album Bambino. The entire album is produced by Burn&loot.

 Any features? Who produced the song? Any additional songwriters?

Burn&Loot is featured on the song and he also produced the song.

Who directed the video?

Burn&loot directed and edited the video.

What album is this song on?

My upcoming album Bambino.

 What are your plans for the next few months?

I’m planning to release the album along with a few more singles and another video. I also have another album finished so be on the lookout for more music in 2020.

Have you ever been on radio? If so what stations and when?

No I’ve never been on the radio. Some of the music produced by Burn&loot has been played on New Orleans radio station WWOZ.

 What shows or touring do you have planned?

I don’t have any shows or tours planned at the moment.

 Is there anything else that you want to tell the fans ?

Follow me on social media @brandobambino. Purchase my music on iTunes and stream my music on all streaming platforms.

BonezRoger Alorde – Wont Give up My Soul | @BeenAlorde

BonezRoger Alorde ( @BonezRoger ) Drops his latest track Wont Give Up My Soul on his official Youtube channel follow up his Video Go All The Way he dropped on Worldstar make sure to check the new track above and the latest visual Below. Also make sure to follow him on social media also listed below.

Twitter https://twitter.com/BeenAlorde

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bonezroger/

[Music] Rapper Mizta Sandman Shows The Ladies “Something Good”

Rapper Mizta Sandman Shows The Ladies “Something Good”

Eclectic, mesmerizing, and dynamic are the adjectives being used to describe the buzzing Aurora, Colorado based Rapper Mizta Sandman. He is putting the competition to sleep. Through the effortless sounds of his distinct vocals, Mizta Sandman is carving out a musical style of his own. He creates genuine, multifaceted songs that take the listener on a reflective journey into his world. His steadfast dedication and drive has resulted into a solid and growing fan base in Colorado and beyond.

Mizta Sandman’s unique selling proposition involves the fact that he’s not afraid to be himself and he incorporates many of his life’s experiences into his music. He is intriguing in his ability to connect with the listener. His creativity, stage presence and confidence set him apart from other independent rappers. Additionally, his clever wordplay, magnetic delivery, and irresistible charm have earned him acclaim among many Hip Hop aficionados from around the world.

Sandman’s intense energy and undeniable flair capture his target base. At a time when there is a blur between creativity and mediocrity, the Hip Hop juggernaut is redefining Hip Hop with authenticity. Equally important, Mizta Sandman and his team have implemented a strategic marketing plan designed to make an impact both online and offline. They have connected with DJ’s from across the nation via reputable digital DJ pools.

As well, Mizta Sandman’s incredible new single entitled “Something Good” is heating up the independent music scene. It is a solid effort that fully exhibits his passion and dedication to his craft. The wordsmith effortlessly shifts his voice and delivery into the beat so that it acts as an additional instrument within the song. It is the first Single off of the EP “I Hustle.” The buzz is growing, the anticipation is thrilling and the momentum is rising. Join the movement.

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[Single] Malcolm Harvest – Welcome 2 L.A. | @MalcolmsHarvest

Welcome 2 L.A. by Malcolm Harvest


Malcolm Harvest aka “Blvck Jagger” is the culmination of the True Spirit of Rock n Roll. Freedom, Art, Love and Mystery. Expansion. He combines the influences of Rock, Soul, Pop, Hip-Hop and RnB on the most expansive canvas’ in music. On a mission to push forward the aesthetic of Black Art and Freedom of Expression. A quest to reawaken the imagination and hearts of the world has begun. The Man, The Myth, The Legend. The Experience of “Blvck Jagger”. Compton’s very own International Rock Star. “The KQingdom Builder”

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[Music] Rapper Wayne Dreadski is A Viral Sensation on Spotify During Coronavirus Epidemic

Truth is Wayne Dreadski’s name echoes Canadian-born hockey player Wayne
Gretzky’s name thanks to which his music has been topping the Canadian Viral Charts.

Toronto, Canada (March 30, 2020) – Many know when it comes to the genre of rapping,
there’s one name that has been making news for a while. Wayne Dreadski, thanks to
his great work, has become a huge sensation since 2017.
On Spotify, music lovers can find many of his songs from different albums and EPs like Travel Addict, Rasta Rockstar, Designer, Neptune, Her Own Bandz, and more.
Wayne Dreadski is releasing a new project the 3rd Friday in April 2020 title Covid-19.
There’s currently no vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

You can protect yourself and help prevent spreading the virus to others if you:
-Remember to wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds, with soap and water or
alcohol-based hand rub
-Always cover your nose and mouth with a disposable tissue or flexed elbow when you
cough or sneeze
-Please avoid close contact (1 meter or 3 feet) with people who are unwell
-Always stay home and self-isolate from others in the household if you feel unwell

What started Wayne Dreadski’s music popularity?
Manager of Concrete Music Entertainment “Shizz” started calling him Wayne Dreadski
in 2017 and ever since then he started having a huge fan following. Shizz came up with
this name through a unique twist of combining the great hockey player Wayne Gretzky’s
name with this rapper’s name.

Who Is Wayne Gretzky?
Wayne Gretzky is a Canadian-born hockey player and NHL Hall of Famer. He started
skating at age 2 and by the age of 6 he was regularly playing with players much older to
him. He played his first full NHL season in 1979-80 for the Edmonton Oilers. Over the next two decades, he dominated the sport, setting a host of league records. He retired in 1999 and was inducted into the Hall of Fame that same year.

This unique combination of an athlete’s name with that of a musician is definitely
something the world hasn’t seen before. To listen to Wayne Dreadski’s work, please

Media Contact:
Justin Bighams
508 Morgan Street NE
Atlanta GA


Social Medial
Twitter @theyoungdread
Instagram @theyoungdread
FaceBook @theyoungdread

About US : Wayne Dreadski is an independent artist that has a passion for sharing and
education those with a passion for Entertainment and Music