SealBoyz Presents “STILL SELLIN DOPE” Video World Premier. Bringing you a brilliantly executed mastery between audio and visual chemistry. Santa Rosa C.A. and Sealboyz very own Liqz alongside master Director/Cinematographer and Pittsburg C.A.’s Bro Jackson deliver an epic, grit filled tapestry based on the “TRUE MOVIE” SCAREFACE. Parallel to LIQZ’ narco based, grime infested drug ballad wording “IM PROBABLY GONNA DIE SELLIN DOPE,SELLIN DOPE.…” his precision along with expert wordplay, metaphors, double entendres, and similes. Gracefully placed, he masters a well timed and delivered depiction of all walks and avenues that may be a persons end when deeply indulged in the life of crime. Editing genius Bro Jackson takes this perfected touch seizing this opportunity to reiterate this expert placement of content by casting none other then LIQZ himself as every character in this small movie. Leaving you with a forward, visual metaphoric description…. Everyone in this situation/lifestyle, no matter who you are, can take the ultimate loss. “STILL SELLIN DOPE” is a must see, that will have u wanting to on the edge of your seat… Every stitch expertly sewn together between artist and director as creators making an epic, action riddled, danger induced, tragedy filled journey, thats mandatory….. to say the least…..

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