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Ross A.K.A Hood Prince was born and raised in Makaha/Waianae, Hawaii. He later moved to Galloway/Absecon, New Jersey which gave him the opportunity to travel all over the East Coast. After experiencing the East Coast, Hood Prince then moved back home to Hawaii.

He has performed at countless clubs all over the island of Oahu, Hawaii such as Pipeline, Black Diamond (old fashion45), Hawaiian Hut and many more. To take Hood Princes career to the next level he began to perform at bigger events such as Hot Imports Nights which was held at the Blaisdell and performed half time at the MMA fights at the Aloha Towers.

Hood Prince released his first and second mixtapes titled, “FROM MY HOOD TO YOURS” hosted by DJ CAPCOM and “MOST REQUESTED” hosted by DJ KEN. Hood Prince is affiliated with DIPSET and has dropped a group mixtape titled “WELCOME TO THE ISLANDS” hosted by A-MILLION..

Hood Prince brings a combination of rhyme scheme, punchlines and a smooth laid back flow. He always looked up to Hip-Hop artist Fabolous & Cassidy. It wasn’t hard for him to create a flow and sound. Prince’s main focus when it comes to writing are word plays & metaphors, creating a strong punchline to make the listeners think. Say “Aloha” to Hood Prince on The Global Attack Mixtape Series.

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